Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I have a good hold on reality.

I need to but i don't wanna sleep. I wanna read and drink and enjoy my life. I actually had a good day, take that sad faces. I am happy. I am happy again. I am happy with Ravel, my lover boy. Hot man candy too. Like this picture of us. Totally Real. Not a Lie.

I got a little drunk today and made 3 milk cake. I made it through my classes somehow again. I thought my Monday was my Tuesday and so the other way around. I am reading a new book. NO! No its not a romance novel. (Mostly because i am a third through and still no romance) But it does have Fabio. I need to get back into reading. Sleeping alone does allow some reading to get in. Though i didn't do that. I printed photos and told Ravel i love him a million times.

Everytime i have picked a book to read i just feel like i've been down this book's story and i drop it. Not funny all fiction. All crazy fiction. Meat Packaging is the only not romantic/ should i marry, should i grow myself as a woman bullshit. I am outta that area i believe. I don't even want to read my Warhol Diaries and i worked months to find and get that book in such great shape. Popism too. Whatever. I need to sleep but there is an update.

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  1. I didn't know you were drunk! But that's ok, alcohol loves you too. And so do I! I missed sleeping with you last night; that's gonna change tonight though! Love you!