Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's about time.

Vacation is boring, i am ready to be back home. I ready to sleep in my big giant bed and hang out with people again. Being home is terribly boring.
But i still have to wait one more week for total funniness. :(

On another note thanks for finally writing a blog.

My dad is home i have to go.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Is tired of this year.

I am tired of this suck ass year. I'm done. It is about time to start a new beginning. I am not going to have a bad year next year. I am going to have a great year. GREAT YEAR! I am excited. According to some nerd even number ending years are lucky and happy. This year is going to be great! WOO HOO!

P.S. It's not funny you little ass, write a blog.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Excuse me Mister!

Umm. Excuse me Mister. You read the blog from yesterday out loud on the phone. So what did you do? Write a blog? Nope. Just kept talking to me. I'm not posting anything but hate mail and complains until you blog! BLOG! NOW!

-Your beloved L

Sunday, December 27, 2009

To my dearest mister,

I see you're reading my cute little blog again. I thought of writing you a note on facebook, or telling you tonight when you called me- HOWEVER I also thought this was clever. Write a fucking blog. You have a very interesting life that at least I would like to read about. So get to it. Stop promising me one and just do it, darling. Sweet-pie. Dearest kiddo. You like reading mine, I want to read yours.

Also talking to you this morning made my whole day better. Thank you. It was very nice. Now go and write a fucking new blog. You're already on blogger so do it.

Love, L.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Sitting Pretty on Top This Hill

So I made all A’s, which is just fucking beautiful. My parents never thought all A’s could be done period. GPA is pretty and perfect again, so fuck off new media.

I can’t wait till Christmas. I have shit tons of presents. I want to play all my new DS games and drink up. I know at least one of those is a huge bottle of vodka. It may even be blueberry. Oh yeah.

So I got new jeans today. Same kind as my grey ones, however very dark blue, very in. I look great in them. They are very fashionable and besides that, I love them. They are so dark they are almost black. I found out in alternate processes how to keep that color perfect as well. So exciting.

I have all my next year classes signed up for. I am excited. I will have time for a minor even and I really think it should be Spanish. I am going to need it anyways. Ravel has been teaching me some over this year or so. I am say some dirty things is what I really mean to say. I can’t spell them, which is good cause you don’t really need to hear it.

Ravel is sending me jewelry over the break. I am excited. I can’t remember what all I send him over esty, but I know it is something I picked out. I need to buy him a nice Christmas gift. I wasn’t going to. I told him he missed behaved to much and Santa was just going to buy herself something pretty (which is how he got the pictures of the jewelry). I told my mom I was going to make him disease stuff animals, but she got really upset and is now making sure he gets something nice. She still really likes him; my brother fucking loves Ravel still. Being that they hate every other guy I’ve been with, except Mark. They still think he is good guy friend to have. But they love Ravel. My mom wants to know how good he is doing in school, she was worried all this craziest may mess him up.

I didn’t expect my family to still love him at all, much less this much. They know he is a good kid. I am glad I still think so too.

Ravel said him and his mom bought me something today, so I am hoping his mother still likes me as well. I really like his family.

I really like Ball Cap, by Mother Mother right now. I listened to it all through weaving one. Along with Wolf Parade and William Shatner, hahaha I know. I am so indie, don’t worry I am back to Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, and No Doubt.

I should go to bed, but talking to Ravel is so much more fun.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009


So i guess my hard work paid off somewhere. All A's so far. At least this year isn't a complete lost. Ravel is a good kid too. He is making me happy. I am going to miss him while he is gone for break. I am waiting on his slowbro ass now. Lame. He is off work but not home yet. I thought i should type in.