Tuesday, June 30, 2009

First an electro girl, next stop a second class hoe.

Um. I didn't really have a plan after the title page. So today i found out i'm Indie Royalty. Weird huh? Me and my target shirt don't seem to agree with that facebook quizz NO MATTER WHAT IT SAYS!

But i have decided on the clothes, i mean outfits, of my birthday extravaganza. Also the music is picked out, but if we party past 7 hours there are going to be repeats. I know but no one sent me by indie royalties so i can only pick out of the 7542 songs I have now. There is only so much Hannah Montana you can sing to in 7 hours.

So i think Karen O and her awesome style is my new favorite real role model. Not another Fake one i know.

So i wrote this as a button and hoes blog but it's about to much of me and not enough funny.


Sunday, June 28, 2009

Birthday week in Pictures

Ok this is my birthday week in pictures.

Sunday- June 28th

Monday- June 29th

Tuesday- June 30th

Wednesday- July 1st

Thursday- July 2nd

Friday July-3rd

Saturday July 4th

Sunday July 5th

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My Backpack has JETS!

Today is the day for some Robot, designer cupcakes and some Amy Winehouse after too much Mc Chris.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Weaving Class Nonsense

So when i was going into middle school my parents decided to try a separation, before signing papers. So i lived with my father during middle school. When i was about to start high school, my dad was worried us moving back in with my mother maybe a bad idea. We had to find a new place if so, the place he liked the most was one across the street from a new high school i would have to go to. Poteet High School. I would be a Pirate instead of a Dragon. Green instead of Blue. I would be new instead of a Spice Girl still. What can i say i was still know for that in middle school.
I wanted to be with my new bf though and of course with Jessica.

Best decision in my life.

All i am trying to say is if you're fat bitch ass comes in the door an hour and a half late, with more excuses than pounds on your fat ass. My first worry wouldn't be where's the radio, for the mixed cd you were probably mostly late trying to decide which My Chemical Romantic song fit with that Seether song you neeeeeed on there.

God and right in front of my station again. I'm going to fuck that bitch UPPPPP!

Sunday, June 21, 2009


So she is always high. And totally stupid. So i deleted her from the party.

I only invited that stupid ass, cause i thought Kevin told her he was flying in to see his best fucking friend ever, me. But i could not get a hold of him, when i called. So i added her to avoid a problem. But now i deleted her. I will do it again and again if i must i'm never going to tell her where the party is, which i decided after inviting that skank. But honestly the idea of a cheap bottle of something she won't really bring wouldn't be worth it. So fuck it she's out.

Thanks Kevin for not answering your phone.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Pictures of Yesterday

Friday, June 19, 2009

Another complaint.

So i was having a great week/day, until my dumbass boyfriend yelled at me all over town and then jumped from my car like an insane 15 year old. Don't worry it's not his fault though. I didn't want to get my car towed so i said we could just walk. I'm a bitch.

So i'm eating hard pears from a jar with a spoon. I left all my food at his place cause my roommates suck. Which was great idea until he attempted to jump from my car. He promises to take me out later which i am sure will be as wonderful as the rest of the day has been.

So leaving food at his place is dumb.

Me and my big mouth.

Shake it like a ladder to the sun....

like a mad man on the run.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cowboy Boots.

I want metallic pink/purple/blue/sliver cowboy boots.

Is going to walk on water.

So the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and totally Karen O. are completely amazing. I do believe. I need some new clothes and i am going to try to dress up more me fashion. I wish i could wear boots and panties everywhere i go. Black and dark purple/grey t-shirts with giant bows in my hair. Pearls to the floor. Neon tights. Lots of bracelets and huge giant earrings that only i can pull off. Lots of dark and neon tights always matching my eye shadow. Cold days I would wear socks instead of tights.

I think i am going to try to loose some major weight. Make my shorts super short and my t-shirts tight tight tight.

Yesterday i felt like i had a huge tummy, but today is another day in which i feel BEAUTIFUL! So i never know if the weight will change. Today i don't give a shit and i'm putting on my shorts and going to do my hair and make-up big.

I should do something fun today. 80's night would be fun except you all know why.

Yertesday News.

Man yesterday sucked.
The only thing that went right yesterday, was Ravel.

He is perfect.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Helpful hints.

I want shots and liquor mostly vodka. for my 21 BIRTHDAY!
However Gifts are super welcome!

Let's all be Rockstars!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Thinking about things.

So today, i look like this. However most days i wake up wanting to look like a movie star. I hope if somehow my art makes me bigger than Van Gogh, they flash pictures of me in the slide shows as some brilliant crazy beautiful artist instead of the chubby cheeked girl on the right. All freckled and wearing almost no make up at all. Which i mean is cute now and makes me look great today, however think of what the children of your children's children would think of my cute sweet face.
I don't want to have children sometimes because i fear what they will find out and learn about me. Not as an artist but just because i'm their mother.
I was boring as shit in high school. I never snuck out, did drugs, hung out with the wrong crowd, i did everything right. I was popular and yet i was still really lame.
I can't imagine the world our group is suppose to raise children in. Can you imagine reading your mother's blog from college. Mine didn't go to college but if i was my kid reading my blog.
I would worry and think my mother was a complete freak for painting asses, for not even dealing with these lame roommates for eating all her butter, for dating that weird kid she writes about in here. My blog makes Ravel sound kind of lame. But i am more liking to write about bad things then to talk for hours in this thing about everything wonderful Ravel does. I talk about that too much to people in person.
I just can believe when someone your age gets married. I know i can almost buy vodka and drink in bars, I live on my own and get tattoos. I'm almost out of college and i'm going to get a real career job soon, but i just can't stop being shocked when someone our age gets married.
Everyone on tv is my age and somehow i still feel like a child.
Can you believe we live in a day and age where everyone is 18-24 on reality tv. Everyone on tv is my age.
Before you know it, you'll be past out invites to weddings and baby showers, funerals, and graduations. We'll all grow up and our hair will grow out.
If i am lucky kids in college will see my face in a slide show and think i'm not as lame as i really am.


So i love my friends. I always have great friends. All my friends are best friends, cause all my friends are the best.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ice creams and cliffs

I want chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Soft and kind of warm, the ready to eat kind. I am beginning to believe the group of morons i live with now will never figure it out. I am going to have to keep my cold food at ravels and only eat microwaveable none refrigerated foods here. They ate all my butter. The one that said LAURA'S ONLY FUCKERS on the top. Which maybe me writing "fuckers" on the top made it asking for it. But still i hate these stupid fucking bitches.
Sometimes i really do think they do it on purpose. It's like they want me to break their dishes and pour soap down the sink. spill out their oil and report the dog.
I wish her boyfriend would fucking move out. He is a real winner like there never was one. He decided fuck school i hate this shit. So he stole his car for money to live off of for a year which is more than a year by now. So he is driving her car, which he got into a wreak and gave a bad number to the victim and run out on paying for it. He uses all the other food/ dishes in the house. He lives here without paying rent. He is a total asshole of a nice guy guy. I hate them more than plain assholes. Ones that pretend they are nice guys. Eats my food, steals everything and i hate them all really.
If Ravel dropped out of school, he would drop into the single world. I'm not paying for some slacker asshole.

I am going to be a total pain in the ass until they all leave. I am taking the T.V. tonight and i am taking the rest of my things from the living room that doesn't need to be cold.

I hope they all move out and drive over a cliff soon.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

No more.

Ok i'm done. I hope.


I want to remake this dam thing again. It comes out all fucked up. I hate the pin up thing not working too.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Today is HOT!

It's to hot outside and i am tired of filling out applications for jobs who look at and don't want me already.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"All Art is Quite Usless."

I paint sometimes.
I wouldn't call myself a painter.

I do a self portrait every year to see how i've improved.

"Self Port. 2007."

"Self Port. 2008"
I haven't done one this year.

"Post Post Mod" 2008.

"OctoBasket." 2009
This is a basket.
It's made out of electrical wire, duck tape, bottle caps, paint, and clear tubing.

"Ravel." 2009
My self port this year is going to match this one.

"Cows go Pop" 2009 Screen Print/ Stamping
This isn't really finished idea wise but i like it.

"Hot Legs." 2009
Screen Printing/ Painting.

"Pancakes and Wives" 2009
Stamping/Screen Printing/ Painting

"Space Cowboy" and "Gangster of Love" 2009
It's what we are.

"Red Net." 2009
My first real shot at Erotic Art.
I love this painting. It's my best by far.


They buried me alive. My sister should be here beside me.

So i don't know about the people who read the shit i write, maybe i am wrong. In my simple American Girl Childhood, i learn a couple things i concerted to be common household knowledge.
  • Put the side down.
  • Clean up after you're self
  • Don't break all the eggs
  • Trash that goes outside the door doesn't disappear
  • Listen to the our house mates
  • Don't steal dishes
  • Don't use what isn't fucking yours
  • Don't Cross Laura FUCKING Green
  • Don't Steal
    • oil
    • laundry
    • laundry detergent
    • food
    • eggs (that's food too)
  • Don't put chicken bones down the stink, throw them in the trash!
  • Buy more toilet paper when we are out

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Water and Showering

I am having a lot better of a day. I wish Ravel was here to cuddle with. I also don't wanna shower. I really have to though. I hate that. I hate showering. It's not relaxing or comforting, it's boring and cold and i get wet. I don't like water a lot.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I don't really know what to put here.

So i am having a better day now. I guess. I am really just going to bed. Bed is always better of a day.

I re-did my blog again! Sent me some Love Notes SLUTTS!

i think...

that picture is so you. emotionless, uncaring, and willing to do whatever just to look like you tried.

A Fact of Life.

I hate went you realize you are friends with people on facebook, you actually find discussing and/or fucking retarded.

Flowers would be a nice start.

Am i really that bad? How come when one things comes apart, everything else gets loose while you fix the distraction? I used to feel like i held all these balloons, but every time i look up it seems like i am holding one less.

My dreams keep getting up and leaving the room, one by one. I am going to keep on with this so get use to it or stop reading.

I talk to myself, on the bus, in my head, out the window. I hate seeing children. I was such a reject of a child. I can imagine what the adults who talked to me than thought out me. I turned out great. I thought it was possible to love someone with all the love in your heart and ask for nothing in return and so you would get it. I didn't realize i had all the hoops to jump through and once you think you made it, they want you to go back. This time they are only higher and on fire.
I am not an animal. I am logical and smart and well raised/ put together, but i really wanted to punch the fuck out of my problem yesterday. I wasn't violent to the bastard who abused me for years. But i'll be fucking damn if i'll have another mental destroy me again.

Every mother fucker who comes in my life is a selfish, indecent little bastard who doesn't get a dam about me and what i care about. My stuff, my things, and my feelings- none of them deserve to be stepped on.

I just wanna cry. I just want to go back in time and make everything right like it should of been. Sometimes i don't want this at all. I want someone who takes care of me and returns what i do for them. Sometimes the only person in the world i think i really want is me.

I am still thinking over the idea of that though. On one hand i like where i am and on the other i like it better where i was.

No one cares about me like i do them. I never anyone's number one. Everyone is my number one. I can't let this happen again. If i can't be made happy in the next couple of days, I think i am going to have to do it all myself again.

I am glad i kicked him out in general, I wish i was able to last night. I just can't be left. It has to be me who leaves or i lose it again. I hate being left by someone terrible. It's like them saying them could do better than me. No one has ever done better than me, as a matter of fact. Most have not had a girl since me. They all want more and no one just leaves me by choice. They mess up and i punish them. When i am done, life continues to on my behalf.

I'll be damn if it continues. I'm not stupid i see everything going on and what's happening. I hope all of them rot in the deepest pits of hell, to say the least.

That's all i'm saying for now.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Just so you know.

I wish i was a million things, i don't have the effort to become.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Yeah, by her Muther Fuckin' Eyeballs!

Today I think I should rip some whore out into the street by her mother fucking eyeballs.

This is stupid. I am sick of how stupid Ravel can be. He can't see past this shit. She splits all this back talking bullshit about him and he is still wanting to run out and be friends. The other is just using him for her own fucked up jollies.

Whatever he puts even a toe out of line, i will rip this whole fucking face off. He won't know another woman more pissed then me if so. I will make a world record of being so hateful to just one person. I am full of hate for bitches and whores!! Ask that other mother fucker I dated!

So anyways today was ok besides that shit, I wanted to blog at lunch about happy happy fun times, but this creepy old lady was telling everyone to move so the new freshmen / students could use the computers even though there wasn't any there. I didn't feel like messing with her!

I painted yesterday, and i have to say i am DAMN GOOD! I use to be shitty at painting and now i think i could sell it if i wanted. This one is museum good, maybe. Ok maybe not that great but fucking close! WOOOOOO! My first Erotic Art Piece and it's Amazing!

I'm going to go paint WHORES! oh and my buddies! :)

Monday, June 1, 2009

Yellow High Heels

So i kind of like my blog background, but i may change it who knows?

I went out to eat pizza with Ravel today and we had dinner at 4 like fucking old people. But i looked to sexy to be old. Also we stopped by circa 77' and i got free yellow high heels. WOOOOO HOOOOO! They are amazing!!! I look hot like now. I need to do something and have somewhere to go. I don't wanna paint at home. I keep promising myself i will.

I am going to play a game! WOOOOO!