Monday, June 22, 2009

Weaving Class Nonsense

So when i was going into middle school my parents decided to try a separation, before signing papers. So i lived with my father during middle school. When i was about to start high school, my dad was worried us moving back in with my mother maybe a bad idea. We had to find a new place if so, the place he liked the most was one across the street from a new high school i would have to go to. Poteet High School. I would be a Pirate instead of a Dragon. Green instead of Blue. I would be new instead of a Spice Girl still. What can i say i was still know for that in middle school.
I wanted to be with my new bf though and of course with Jessica.

Best decision in my life.

All i am trying to say is if you're fat bitch ass comes in the door an hour and a half late, with more excuses than pounds on your fat ass. My first worry wouldn't be where's the radio, for the mixed cd you were probably mostly late trying to decide which My Chemical Romantic song fit with that Seether song you neeeeeed on there.

God and right in front of my station again. I'm going to fuck that bitch UPPPPP!

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