Wednesday, June 10, 2009

They buried me alive. My sister should be here beside me.

So i don't know about the people who read the shit i write, maybe i am wrong. In my simple American Girl Childhood, i learn a couple things i concerted to be common household knowledge.
  • Put the side down.
  • Clean up after you're self
  • Don't break all the eggs
  • Trash that goes outside the door doesn't disappear
  • Listen to the our house mates
  • Don't steal dishes
  • Don't use what isn't fucking yours
  • Don't Cross Laura FUCKING Green
  • Don't Steal
    • oil
    • laundry
    • laundry detergent
    • food
    • eggs (that's food too)
  • Don't put chicken bones down the stink, throw them in the trash!
  • Buy more toilet paper when we are out

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