Monday, November 30, 2009

sticky cinnamon fingers

Today is different than yesterday. Today is a new and exciting day. A new and exciting day, week, everything. I am a very happy, such woken up girl. Even though today will be workfest number 2 beginning. Sticky cinnamon fingers and a giant coffee present for breakfast i maybe late today for class but i am happy.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


Today was long. I watched movies all day with my mom. I am so tired today. I just want to sleep all day. I am so tired.
Lucky i don't have to have my book read until Thursday. I am on chapter 10 outta 48. I think i will read ten more before bed put i also think i may sleep. I shouldn't go out tomorrow night. I should stay home and work on my projects. I need my weaving done by friday, my screen printing by sunday, and my crochet by thursday. I have to take down my installation next week before monday. I have to read that book by thursday. Write the paper for it over the weekend. I have tons to do. Two more weeks and then i am free for a couple of days. Then i can work on my portfolio for midpoint review. Great.
There is no break for me. But luckily I will get in and graduate and go on to live a real life. Instead of just being a dumb bitch with nothing to offer the world. Just saying they are out there.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

So i bought so many cute things. Pretty much all for me. Somethings are sexy things. So other kiddos will enjoy them just as well. Ah yeah. I also got a totally cute hello kitty sandwich maker. I don't really care for hello kitty, but i really wanted a sandwich maker and i will always pick a super cute kitty over a sliver grown up item. I got the first season of veronica mars, i can't wait to watch it, and dirty gray skinny jeans which i really super needed. They are so fucking cute. I want to wear them until they die of holes.
I didn't really get anyone presents which i should of.
I only have to buy my mother, brother, father, Kevin, and Ravel gifts. Well that i know for sure. I know we will do something as roommates, but i don't know if we are drawing names of just being super cheap. Hahaha. Oh and the make a gift party. So i am going to just eat a lot of mac and cheese until then.
I am so happy about what i got today. I needed to just spend money on myself and reward myself for being so good this year. I'm doing good with school, Ravel and me are still great friends, and i am just doing really great this year and i needed a reward for it.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Sleeping in a even a twin bed alone sucks. I don't like it.

I want to go home to my bed and my shit tons of pillows and everything else i love to sleep with at night.

That is all. I miss home. I miss my home.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Thanksgiving break is only exciting and fun when there is something to do. I am home. Still in my pj's. I want to go out and do something. I am sitting at home though, watching some bullshit TrueLife. I watched eloping and now it's i don't trust my partner. Whatever.
Today is boring. I wish there was something more to do or whatever. I am tired of tv. I don't feel good. I want to, need to go out and do something. AHHHHHHH!
Thanksgiving is a dumb holiday, but i needed a break from all the work there is to do at school. Three more projects and a paper. That's all, then a month of nothing to do but preparing my midterm review.
Three days of nothing to do, well i need to read that book. Gross. For HOP. It's a hundred pages i can do it. Ok now to find me something to do since Michael is awake.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Bad Romance.

So Lady Gaga is amazing, just so you know.

I am too. Ravel and i are hanging out and writing our papers for HOP. We are done now. I go home tomorrow. Ravel claims he will cry he is going to miss me so much. He is full of shit. I am tired but i have to write up my project idea for screen printing and i can't think of what to do.

I want to use lots of fabric screen printed with texture and "quilt" it together sore of. I want it to be bunchy and loose and hang from the piece. However i need a subject still.

I was thinking of doing something off this picture of my dad and brother and me at the zoo when i was only 2 or 3 maybe. But i don't want it to be a personal photograph i want it to be more about the artsy stuff. I think if i made it more playful and child like it would come off differently as well. I am not sure though.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Regine's Birthday!

So yesterday was Regine's birthday. It was the best! We got drunk and danced and had shit tons of fun. YAY!
I am waiting on Ravel, he has to move everything out of his room so he can get new carpet and i want to eat egg sandwiches. If he is much later i am going to make him buy me food. I need to work on things today i don't have time for this. I am going to watch grey's anatomy and after that- NO MORE WAITING!!

Friday, November 20, 2009

Thank god i wore my khaki skirt up to my nipples, else i might never find a man.

So i need to update. I have been super busy. I got mostly everything i needed to get gone last week, and the last thing i won't get in trouble for. I need to fix my installation today. That's about it. I actually should go do that now.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Underneath it all.

I got so much done this weekend. A lot of work by myself, in which just left me with my thoughts. I hate when thinking about what you need to catches up with you. I got nothing done for alter. processes, but whatever. Screen Printing is half done. Weaving is caught up. So there! I am doing great this semester, which is more than i can say for some.
I don't know what i feel or want or am, it seems. I feel like i am taking forever to decide to give up on something i gave up on months ago.


Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween was nice. I hung out with Ravel. We had no where we wanted to go alone and got invited to most of the same parties. It was all ok. I didn't do any homework this weekend. Which isn't killer. I was suppose to think alot about my stuff. So i did that. But i don't like that i wasted a weekend on that.
Signing up for classes tomorrow. That's all.