Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

So i bought so many cute things. Pretty much all for me. Somethings are sexy things. So other kiddos will enjoy them just as well. Ah yeah. I also got a totally cute hello kitty sandwich maker. I don't really care for hello kitty, but i really wanted a sandwich maker and i will always pick a super cute kitty over a sliver grown up item. I got the first season of veronica mars, i can't wait to watch it, and dirty gray skinny jeans which i really super needed. They are so fucking cute. I want to wear them until they die of holes.
I didn't really get anyone presents which i should of.
I only have to buy my mother, brother, father, Kevin, and Ravel gifts. Well that i know for sure. I know we will do something as roommates, but i don't know if we are drawing names of just being super cheap. Hahaha. Oh and the make a gift party. So i am going to just eat a lot of mac and cheese until then.
I am so happy about what i got today. I needed to just spend money on myself and reward myself for being so good this year. I'm doing good with school, Ravel and me are still great friends, and i am just doing really great this year and i needed a reward for it.

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