Wednesday, February 24, 2010

We're so glad that you have come back.

I haven't written in for awhile. It finally feels like i am in school. The work load is right is what i mean. I have tons of things to do this weekend, as of last. I am however going to make myself do date night and not forget.
Valentine's Day was a dream. Ravel made me breakfast is bed. He bought me Vampire Weekend's new record on vinyl, of course. We went to see Wolfman, but ended up getting free pass tickets so we will have to go some other time. We ate pizza at our special pizza place we use to always eat at. We have a special pre-dating, 2nd time dating, and a now that were ex's again pizza place. I think we should always have tons of special pizza joins. Anyways, I got candy and flowers and stuff. We watched tv and then he had to go to work, when he came home he was super excited about going to Las Vegas. He thinks he should have two tickets in two months. We are going to stay a whole week in a hotel on the strip. I am so excited. I love it there.

I feel great about Ravel and me, I think i may start letting him call me his. He is the greatest. I love everything about this boy, and he has dusted himself off nicely after this little bump we had in our relationship. What is life all about if we don't make a couple of mistakes and no one forgives us. I know i've messed up in my life, i have a past most don't know anything about, you have to be able to forgive. I don't know how much i have competely forgiven, however something in my soul says i need to be here in the place that i am and i have never felt this way with any of my other lovers.

I am just really glad Ravel is still around. He makes my days better. Even when we fight, I am still happier with him around for now then i am without him. There is still something he is suppose to be here for, I know it.

We've lived in bars and danced on tables, hotels, trains, and ships that sailed. Swim with sharks and fly with Aeroplanes in the air.

Friday, February 5, 2010

I am the best.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cat Power is Love.

I can't wait until Valentine's Day. I can't wait to see what surprise Ravel has in store! I finished my Valentine's Day shopping today. I think. I might make him another stuff animal, since he loves Scopey the Moosey so much. I made this adorable moose outta socks and Ravel fucking loves it. It's like our baby. Every night he sleeps with it and it is the cutest.

This weekend is the big food making weekend! Homemade crepes and cupcakes, oranges and fruit, and whatever the boy has planned. So far i just need to design a piece of repetitive fabric and finish doing my heddles. I also need to plan out/ embroider my towelettes. I told Leslie my idea for the first project and she loved it so much. I think this is the most excited i've seen her at one of my ideas.

I am glad i could Ravel's advice. He said i should do more subject matter pop art then my color scheme. So i thought of the genius idea, and now i am using what he said too. I need to do more reseach this weekend. I was scared i would start this semester off bad because of dumb dirty paper bags, but i am still a fibers god. I have two As in science already, I got a B in stupid dpb, which isn't fucking right. I am an A student. If i can't get an A in dirty paper bags then everything is stupid. Whatever it was my first project, and i got the highest grade from the people i talked to.
Fabrics is my calling class, so we might as well just type in an A and pass me. Weaving is by far my real love, and thus i know i will get an A in there too. I am a Fibers God! I am also divine to be completely modest.

Ravel and me went to Dallas and saw a photographer lecturer tonight at the DMA, and it was almost. I wish we could of hung out in Dallas a little more, it was so nice and pretty. I liked getting out of Denton even if it was only a couple of hours.

Ok well that's enough.