Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today was a short shorts and boots day.

This is my official statement: (I am like VH1 and 51 minds)

I didn't do a back up check on this one and somehow she became Kevin's other BFF. So i dealt with it in a grown up fashion. I decided when i heard this was Kevin last year here in Spring 2008 that this too would be my last year of friendship with her. I was always nice and polite and tried my best even though this wasn't what i wanted to deal with. I am friends with people who are interesting and smart, well mostly i'm not friends with losers who wake and bake all fucking day. I mean really? really? WTF.

I can't believe this. It just came outta no where. Who just decides it's their right to become the fashion police? And honestly why are it always the ugly girls with advice on how to become better. It's not working for you. Something tells me i am doing ok in my shorts.

Whatever, you don't mess with Laura Fucking Green without a recall. I don't stand for potheads to run all over me. She messed with the wrong fat bitch in short shorts.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Can't wait till Sunday.

Ok Ravel can come back now. I miss him a million times more than i should for only a week of him not being here. Sleeping alone sucks so much. I hate going to bed alone, I hate waking up alone. I hate cooking for one. I hate doing the dishes. I hate my big bed. I hate going out alone. I hate buying less than five dollars of taco bell. I hate sitting on the couch all day. I hate watching crappy tv. I hate thinking only for me. I hate dressing knowing no one cares, and even if they do i don't. I hate trying to think up what i wanna do, without thinking up what he wants to do. (even if its just being with me.)

I hate not having my best friend everywhere. I hate now having my sexy hunky venny ven boy toy everywhere. I love him. I miss him. I need him to be here to take care of. xoxoxox.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Octopus Heart

I wish i thought of this. This person is a genius. I have really enjoy both hearts and of course Octopus. This person put 1 and 1 together. I feel stupid.

If you like this too. I hope you do. They print this design on shirts on esty.
Here is the awesome link.

I wanna be mega rich.

I wanna be on the fabulous life of the rich and famous. More than that i want to be fabulous and rich. Instead i feel like i am being eaten by fleas. I feel like i am at least. I think it's the heat to my stupid computer. I wish i had a computer just for the sims. I wanna play the sims. I want a lot of things.

If i was rich i would pay for school for me and ravel. I would buy those target shoes. I would get a new car. I would also go out and party hard!!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

You're hair was long...

.....when we first met.

So my love is gone. He left both his cell phone chargers, like the only boy i love would. At least i have my credit cards. house keys. drivers' license. you know the important stuff. However i only really want him back home. I don't care how lame and sappy i sound.
He makes me happy. He puts me outta order and nothing fits. Everything is where is can be and not where it should be. He makes life more fun. I feel bad. Always sitting at home and not going out with him. But honestly, when i drink even a drink a night i get sick. I am sick. I have no money. If i go out then he is going to spend money he shouldn't and he needs a camera more than i need a drink.
I need to go to bed. All i want to do is be in bed. Someday he will leave and i will never be able to get outta bed.
Sometimes, mostly here lately because i am sick and have to much down time, i don't think i am a good enough girl. I also feel this is me, destroying my only happiness, because i don't want to be left in bed after he leaves for good.
I don't know why i even stopped be good. I wanna blame my leg, because it let me for once just be taken care of. Never has anyone taken care of me. Now i don't want to let go of all the ways i am still treated like a princess. But i think this is becoming selfish and i think if i cut off a couple now i will make a good choice.

This year is going to be different, sadly. I have to work hard. My love has to work harder. We have to work apart because nothing gets done when we are around. I hope next year we get an apartment. That would make me so happy to see a third year outta this pure greatness i truly believe i have.

I am honestly sad on day one. I can't sleep without my kiddo next to me. I wanna make him a present for when he gets home. I won't tell you what. Because sometimes he cares to know what i write in this thing.

Monday, August 17, 2009

"Dust off your Fuck me Pumps"

I really want these sexy boots at target. :( But they are 30 dollars and i wouldn't wear them as much as i honestly wanted too.

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barbies, Art, and Me

I wish i could go back to my world of barbies here now a days. I am tired of dealing with people i don't like, in barbie land... those people don't even exist. Everything works out and prince charmings don't ignore you when you're sick for a week.
I also always had rocking outfits and tons of things to do. Money doesn't exist. Everyone only takes what they need. Nothing more, nothing less. I have been wanting to use legos and barbies in my art. I want to stamp up some new pieces on how one girl-me, played in the world she created. I like the idea of exposing that very weird part of my childhood through fiber arts and using it somehow in a pop art way. Of course. I think i will be looking for old barbies to take apart and make stamps of. I want to do this in metal smithing to maybe. I am kind of inspired by this Artist I know Google Barbie jewelry.

I always loved Barbie and thought life was perfect when i was locked in my room for hours with her and my world.
I really like the idea of super villain killing machine barbies. That's what my were. My Barbie always wore spy/super villain gear and have rooms no one knew of in her house. Rooms for catching aliens, spying, mostly crazy space story lines. These rooms would have nuclear items that would explode at random and cause earthquakes. Destroying Everything.

I don't think i want to go into it that far in my art. But i like the image i still have for something so negative towards whatever i try to become. I'll never be as smart and beautiful as a barbie, I'll never be as fake and forgotten as a Barbie either.

Give me a fucking break.

Sorry I haven't posted. I've been sick and ruining lives so I'll be back this school year at the latest.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In a mood.

Well i think it is time i start posting again. All my lame ass roommates moved out. Or so i thought yesterday i realized the apartment had fleas. Yeah.
So i sent all the mail back to the senders cause it's annoying to pay 10 dollars for flea control. I wasn't able to get a job this year, so i am poor as shit. I wish everything would get better. I wanna be able to go out and drink and have fun. But i don't have any money. lame.

So these strange "cleaners" keep coming over. They don't speak any English they aren't going any work. They aren't polite or nice. One was even pregnant today. So what was she suppose to do? Paint, heavy lifting, or was just going to pick up the condom wrappers Crystal left? The answers is nothing. She did nothing they walked in laughed and talked in Spanish and then giggled out the door. They didn't do shit. I have to do everything myself. What a bunch of fucking morons!

I can't do anymore. I don't have anymore money for this month. I bought 3 bug sprays, a ton of cleaners, i had to spray for fleas yesterday, i need to replace dishes they took...

ok sorry i have to go!