Friday, August 21, 2009

Can't wait till Sunday.

Ok Ravel can come back now. I miss him a million times more than i should for only a week of him not being here. Sleeping alone sucks so much. I hate going to bed alone, I hate waking up alone. I hate cooking for one. I hate doing the dishes. I hate my big bed. I hate going out alone. I hate buying less than five dollars of taco bell. I hate sitting on the couch all day. I hate watching crappy tv. I hate thinking only for me. I hate dressing knowing no one cares, and even if they do i don't. I hate trying to think up what i wanna do, without thinking up what he wants to do. (even if its just being with me.)

I hate not having my best friend everywhere. I hate now having my sexy hunky venny ven boy toy everywhere. I love him. I miss him. I need him to be here to take care of. xoxoxox.


  1. The right phrasing of one of the things you said was that, and not what you meant (I type this as I'm talking to you about watching crappy TV). That's okay, I hate watching crappy TV as much as you do. :)

  2. Shut it. What are you the grammar police?!!!