Wednesday, August 5, 2009

In a mood.

Well i think it is time i start posting again. All my lame ass roommates moved out. Or so i thought yesterday i realized the apartment had fleas. Yeah.
So i sent all the mail back to the senders cause it's annoying to pay 10 dollars for flea control. I wasn't able to get a job this year, so i am poor as shit. I wish everything would get better. I wanna be able to go out and drink and have fun. But i don't have any money. lame.

So these strange "cleaners" keep coming over. They don't speak any English they aren't going any work. They aren't polite or nice. One was even pregnant today. So what was she suppose to do? Paint, heavy lifting, or was just going to pick up the condom wrappers Crystal left? The answers is nothing. She did nothing they walked in laughed and talked in Spanish and then giggled out the door. They didn't do shit. I have to do everything myself. What a bunch of fucking morons!

I can't do anymore. I don't have anymore money for this month. I bought 3 bug sprays, a ton of cleaners, i had to spray for fleas yesterday, i need to replace dishes they took...

ok sorry i have to go!


  1. that suckssssssssssssss!!! Crystal needs to pick up her condoms. Doesn't she know starving children in Africa don't even have condoms and she just leaves hers on the floor like she doesn't even care about them.

  2. what fucking bitches do that shit? you need to wreck those bitches faces.