Saturday, August 15, 2009

Barbies, Art, and Me

I wish i could go back to my world of barbies here now a days. I am tired of dealing with people i don't like, in barbie land... those people don't even exist. Everything works out and prince charmings don't ignore you when you're sick for a week.
I also always had rocking outfits and tons of things to do. Money doesn't exist. Everyone only takes what they need. Nothing more, nothing less. I have been wanting to use legos and barbies in my art. I want to stamp up some new pieces on how one girl-me, played in the world she created. I like the idea of exposing that very weird part of my childhood through fiber arts and using it somehow in a pop art way. Of course. I think i will be looking for old barbies to take apart and make stamps of. I want to do this in metal smithing to maybe. I am kind of inspired by this Artist I know Google Barbie jewelry.

I always loved Barbie and thought life was perfect when i was locked in my room for hours with her and my world.
I really like the idea of super villain killing machine barbies. That's what my were. My Barbie always wore spy/super villain gear and have rooms no one knew of in her house. Rooms for catching aliens, spying, mostly crazy space story lines. These rooms would have nuclear items that would explode at random and cause earthquakes. Destroying Everything.

I don't think i want to go into it that far in my art. But i like the image i still have for something so negative towards whatever i try to become. I'll never be as smart and beautiful as a barbie, I'll never be as fake and forgotten as a Barbie either.

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