Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Today was a short shorts and boots day.

This is my official statement: (I am like VH1 and 51 minds)

I didn't do a back up check on this one and somehow she became Kevin's other BFF. So i dealt with it in a grown up fashion. I decided when i heard this was Kevin last year here in Spring 2008 that this too would be my last year of friendship with her. I was always nice and polite and tried my best even though this wasn't what i wanted to deal with. I am friends with people who are interesting and smart, well mostly i'm not friends with losers who wake and bake all fucking day. I mean really? really? WTF.

I can't believe this. It just came outta no where. Who just decides it's their right to become the fashion police? And honestly why are it always the ugly girls with advice on how to become better. It's not working for you. Something tells me i am doing ok in my shorts.

Whatever, you don't mess with Laura Fucking Green without a recall. I don't stand for potheads to run all over me. She messed with the wrong fat bitch in short shorts.

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