Sunday, July 26, 2009

PEW PEW PEW!! Imma going to shoot them with my rubberband lazor!

So my lame roommates move out in exactly 126 hours and 58 minutes or about in about 4 days. I hate them. I hope they all move in with people who smell and steal from them and have hot loud amazing sex every hour or so. I hope the walls are so paper thin you can piratically see through them.

So i almost have Ravel's birthday put together. Woo Hoo!

I still need to finish a lot of things though
  • In and Out sign
  • Mail Box
  • Welcome Sign
  • Buy/make Curtains
  • But Thumb tacks
  • Need Food for week
  • Make Fashion Model
  • Make clothes/ Halloween outfit started
  • Clean all of apartment
  • Sneak Regine's things into my closet
  • kick old room mates out.
  • Rock out in my underpants.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Goodwill can

If i had a parade everyone would shit on it.

So my stupid skank roommate was outside with her dumb ass drunken boyfriend and their dog, while i was making a pizza. She wanted to know how my party was and why she wasn't invited more so. This is why it was at Ravel's apartment.
So i told her my mother came into the apartment and smelled the weed they were smoking and told me they were allowed to come. Which i think she felt bad.
She started blabbing about moving out and how she hadn't pack and i was like umm you need to by next friday. 10 days bitch.
So she sits and thinks about it and then tells me. "I can have all my stuff out by the 31st, but i think i will just leave it in the hallway/living room. I will probably have it out by the time the girls move in on the 15th of August"- (two weeks later) My two alone weeks.
"I might just hang out in the living room and just take some stuff to my dumbass boyfriend's until the girls show up. We can all hang out and i'll be the fifth roommate."

I am seriously at the point of slapping her.

"You don't mind do you." It wasn't a question. I didn't answer. Cause i don't have a say. The contract says renew or get your shit out on the 31st of July 2009. I am going to go to the office friday. Because she made it clear she is living with another girl in the apartment, who also has to move out that day.

I am going to be on their ass on the 31st.

If there is anything in my apartment on the 1st of august. I am looking through it and taking what i want. After that i am taking it to the office, if they won't take it goodwill probably can. They can go get it from there.
I am checking the windows to make sure they are locked on the 31st that night.

Friday, July 17, 2009

I wanna own a home.....

just so i can do the kitchen like one of these.

80's night more like lame ass night.

I am serious tired of 80's night. I think i am getting old. I like 80s music and i like the people i know who go. I like Hailey's but everything i go it's just a bunch on big haired bitches. Well actually it's nasty creepy old guys, moms, and high school skanks that never even fucking lived in the 80s. They all need to fuck off. I the cute people, a couple of drunk whores, and all the hot 80s madness back. At least the queen of the big haired bitches isn't there for the past two weeks, she's across the ocean which i fucking love the distance. It's been like a vacation for me too.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Laura wears Short Shorts.

So I finally finished my shorts, it took two days but still. So i figured out buttons and zippers and maybe button holes. Well sore of. I have a great buttonhole that's what matters. They fit really well and i really like them. they make my butt look big and i love it. J-Lo butt woo woo. Yesterday i also bought white swim-wear, but now realize it maybe see thru so i will use it as my back to school bag then. :) It's super cute and has black and blue and purple outlines of flowers and i love it. I don't care if its a bag or a swimsuit. I am excited. I am also going to try to finally finish my 80's prom dress. That i told Kevin i would make a million years ago.

On another good note, my diet thingy, if you can call it that is working, I feel better and i think my tummy is smaller. I mean look how great i look in these pictures. :)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Short about Short Shorts

So i sore of made shorts yesterday. I got some free black shorts in a size that is sometimes when i am lucky my size however today and every other day i tried them on they weren't. they fit, they were just to tight and i looked fat in them so i am like one size bigger to make it look good you know but anyways. I cut them up and took out the cuffs and re hem them and made them in to a size that fits. I am proud of myself i still need to buy black fabric to re cuff them at the bottom cause i liked that look. and i want to redo the pockets and i need a new zipper. but them now fit really nicely.
This is the first time i've ever even attempted this kind of project. I made me a cape and some gloves once. The gloves didn't fit but what's new? I also made a "homemade" looking wallet for ravel, when i get better i'll make him another. Ok that's it i made shorts.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Things I'm now addicted too

So there are a bunch of things in which have made me to busy to write in this here damn blog.
One Big Brother 11 is on, which if you know all the lame things about me, you know I looooove Big Brother. I know it's reality t.v. but i am in love with it. It was the second reality game show was out and i can't believe how good it still is. It's high school themed and i can't help myself.
I really want to be on this show, i am finally old enough but i need to be single to do it. Cause everything someone will a boyfriend gets on there they make an ass out of their loved one. I'm too nice to make Ravel look stupid for dating me on national television. But if Ravel leaves me.....I'm going for it.

Also their is restaurant city and pet society on facebook. I need a life. But mostly i am drinking at night so i am pretty much sleeping more. I am also going to try to go to the gym. I need to start working out and looking even hotter, because i'm already looking super good and i want to keep it that way.
I bought a ton of stuff for my apartment today and i am soooooo excited. Oh shit. :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Note to Self

Make this dress.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

i don't really want to post now.

So my birthday was last week. I got drunk until umm i don't know. I'm drinking now! Happy Birthday Me!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Tomorrow is my MUTHER FUCKIN Birthday.

I think i'm a blog reading whore. I want to joy as many as i can so there is always something to read.
But really this blog is about my birthday tomorrow. I am soooooo FUCKING EXCITED AND I JUST CAN'T (and i'm not even trying to ) HIDE IT. But today is Victor's Birthday. I tried to think of something for him all day. I think i will just make sure to get him something by his party.

What know what saddens me though to think i'm finally 21 and there's no drank anymore. Where am i going to go and know for sure the drink that guy just bought me is drugged. What is this world coming to that you can't go to the drank and get date raped anymore? The economy needs to get better.

I think thats all this morning.