Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Short about Short Shorts

So i sore of made shorts yesterday. I got some free black shorts in a size that is sometimes when i am lucky my size however today and every other day i tried them on they weren't. they fit, they were just to tight and i looked fat in them so i am like one size bigger to make it look good you know but anyways. I cut them up and took out the cuffs and re hem them and made them in to a size that fits. I am proud of myself i still need to buy black fabric to re cuff them at the bottom cause i liked that look. and i want to redo the pockets and i need a new zipper. but them now fit really nicely.
This is the first time i've ever even attempted this kind of project. I made me a cape and some gloves once. The gloves didn't fit but what's new? I also made a "homemade" looking wallet for ravel, when i get better i'll make him another. Ok that's it i made shorts.

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