Thursday, July 16, 2009

Laura wears Short Shorts.

So I finally finished my shorts, it took two days but still. So i figured out buttons and zippers and maybe button holes. Well sore of. I have a great buttonhole that's what matters. They fit really well and i really like them. they make my butt look big and i love it. J-Lo butt woo woo. Yesterday i also bought white swim-wear, but now realize it maybe see thru so i will use it as my back to school bag then. :) It's super cute and has black and blue and purple outlines of flowers and i love it. I don't care if its a bag or a swimsuit. I am excited. I am also going to try to finally finish my 80's prom dress. That i told Kevin i would make a million years ago.

On another good note, my diet thingy, if you can call it that is working, I feel better and i think my tummy is smaller. I mean look how great i look in these pictures. :)

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