Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Goodwill can

If i had a parade everyone would shit on it.

So my stupid skank roommate was outside with her dumb ass drunken boyfriend and their dog, while i was making a pizza. She wanted to know how my party was and why she wasn't invited more so. This is why it was at Ravel's apartment.
So i told her my mother came into the apartment and smelled the weed they were smoking and told me they were allowed to come. Which i think she felt bad.
She started blabbing about moving out and how she hadn't pack and i was like umm you need to by next friday. 10 days bitch.
So she sits and thinks about it and then tells me. "I can have all my stuff out by the 31st, but i think i will just leave it in the hallway/living room. I will probably have it out by the time the girls move in on the 15th of August"- (two weeks later) My two alone weeks.
"I might just hang out in the living room and just take some stuff to my dumbass boyfriend's until the girls show up. We can all hang out and i'll be the fifth roommate."

I am seriously at the point of slapping her.

"You don't mind do you." It wasn't a question. I didn't answer. Cause i don't have a say. The contract says renew or get your shit out on the 31st of July 2009. I am going to go to the office friday. Because she made it clear she is living with another girl in the apartment, who also has to move out that day.

I am going to be on their ass on the 31st.

If there is anything in my apartment on the 1st of august. I am looking through it and taking what i want. After that i am taking it to the office, if they won't take it goodwill probably can. They can go get it from there.
I am checking the windows to make sure they are locked on the 31st that night.

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