Wednesday, June 10, 2009

"All Art is Quite Usless."

I paint sometimes.
I wouldn't call myself a painter.

I do a self portrait every year to see how i've improved.

"Self Port. 2007."

"Self Port. 2008"
I haven't done one this year.

"Post Post Mod" 2008.

"OctoBasket." 2009
This is a basket.
It's made out of electrical wire, duck tape, bottle caps, paint, and clear tubing.

"Ravel." 2009
My self port this year is going to match this one.

"Cows go Pop" 2009 Screen Print/ Stamping
This isn't really finished idea wise but i like it.

"Hot Legs." 2009
Screen Printing/ Painting.

"Pancakes and Wives" 2009
Stamping/Screen Printing/ Painting

"Space Cowboy" and "Gangster of Love" 2009
It's what we are.

"Red Net." 2009
My first real shot at Erotic Art.
I love this painting. It's my best by far.


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