Thursday, June 18, 2009

Is going to walk on water.

So the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, and totally Karen O. are completely amazing. I do believe. I need some new clothes and i am going to try to dress up more me fashion. I wish i could wear boots and panties everywhere i go. Black and dark purple/grey t-shirts with giant bows in my hair. Pearls to the floor. Neon tights. Lots of bracelets and huge giant earrings that only i can pull off. Lots of dark and neon tights always matching my eye shadow. Cold days I would wear socks instead of tights.

I think i am going to try to loose some major weight. Make my shorts super short and my t-shirts tight tight tight.

Yesterday i felt like i had a huge tummy, but today is another day in which i feel BEAUTIFUL! So i never know if the weight will change. Today i don't give a shit and i'm putting on my shorts and going to do my hair and make-up big.

I should do something fun today. 80's night would be fun except you all know why.

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