Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ice creams and cliffs

I want chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream. Soft and kind of warm, the ready to eat kind. I am beginning to believe the group of morons i live with now will never figure it out. I am going to have to keep my cold food at ravels and only eat microwaveable none refrigerated foods here. They ate all my butter. The one that said LAURA'S ONLY FUCKERS on the top. Which maybe me writing "fuckers" on the top made it asking for it. But still i hate these stupid fucking bitches.
Sometimes i really do think they do it on purpose. It's like they want me to break their dishes and pour soap down the sink. spill out their oil and report the dog.
I wish her boyfriend would fucking move out. He is a real winner like there never was one. He decided fuck school i hate this shit. So he stole his car for money to live off of for a year which is more than a year by now. So he is driving her car, which he got into a wreak and gave a bad number to the victim and run out on paying for it. He uses all the other food/ dishes in the house. He lives here without paying rent. He is a total asshole of a nice guy guy. I hate them more than plain assholes. Ones that pretend they are nice guys. Eats my food, steals everything and i hate them all really.
If Ravel dropped out of school, he would drop into the single world. I'm not paying for some slacker asshole.

I am going to be a total pain in the ass until they all leave. I am taking the T.V. tonight and i am taking the rest of my things from the living room that doesn't need to be cold.

I hope they all move out and drive over a cliff soon.

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