Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Bikes, Whores, and Boxes.

So today was so lame.
I tried to fix Ravel's bike forever. I got one wheel off of mine, I was just going to get him my wheels, and then couldn't get the other so i when to see if his would come off. NO. Took me forever to remember his bike code and get the lock off. I tried forever to get the rusty washers off. No can do. You need a robot to get them off.
We are friends and i feel horrible about fucking up his bike, so as a good sign forwards him not hating me, i really worked hard to fix it.

Today wasn't the day to try however, i can hardly stand and i can't take how bad the pain in my legs are. I don't know why but they hurt soo bad and are really tight. It feels like some magic hand of god is holding them all the time. They are heavy and weight me down. I am about to just cut them off. Maybe i can get Ravel my wheelchair wheels to make up for popping his bike tires. I fucking hate bikes. I only got my bike because Ravel was all of a sudden in love with bikes.

To top it off he can't just be a man and tell her to fuck off and die. He wants to be "friends." He wants to just make everyone happy all the time. Make everyone his fucking friend. I hate all of this. I can't believe i was all sorry i ruined your bike. I'm glad we are still friends. What a DUMBASS! She is a stupid whore but he isn't helping this any. I hope she plays in traffic. I hope she takes that guy home we heard about last night at yogurt story.
He is a fucking moron and he is taking me down with him. I am trying to be fucking nice but really. I'm not a moron and i know how to be a great. I can find a new guy friend who understands my art and my basic life.
I actually am looking for a guy to take me out, not in a real important way but it can be. I can get me a guy if i really want. That guy on the bus if i said hi i would of had a date. I would bet on it.

Whatever on top of the moron parade i am beginning to think i am not only watching. My Heart break box got stolen that my mom sent to me in the mail. Today is a parade of suck, right in the middle of my lunch hour!

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