Sunday, September 20, 2009

This Week

This week has been the worst week in my life. As i hear, it's been the worst for everyone. I did get new favorite quotes though. "I walked her home...I guess she forgot her shoes." but my number one will always be "You can't possibly understand how hard this week has been for me LAURA!" I know it's not funny to anyone else.

I don't know how i lived through this. But i am out the door almost. Still got my foot caught on that nail in the bottom frame that tells you you'll never get over it. I just need a new crush and with my eyes back on the men of UNT. I think i will be ok.

I still want a dark haired medium build/height kind of man. I'm not looking for another fucking serious relationship. I just wanna watch movies and do dates and get food and stuff. I've never been picked up for a date that could be fun. Dinner and a movie would be sooooo fucking cute. But i'll go for anything. I think i am going to try out for reality shows and try to get a Laura wants a Date Show.

Meeting men is hard. I say a cute one in the street and i didn't hit him with my car. So i think that should show i thought he was hot. There was a guy at walmart and another on the sideway at UNT. So i am feeling like meeting guys is the hardest part. There are plenty of cute boys in Denton. Plus UNT is huge. I think this will be nice single and looking and just having some open fun and going to hang out god knows where.

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  1. put out a craigslist ad! just kidding DONT you'll regret it.