Thursday, September 24, 2009

Met another cute boy while he was watching my boobs. Winners.

So it's Thursday and i believed i failed you weekend. I still have no set crush. There is a cute guy at scad. He should move here and talk about Batman with me. Its not that there isn't anyone here i just don't know how to approach a stranger and be like hay you're cute. I'm super awesome wanna buy me food and enjoy each others company. I dont know how to attract guys i do know. I am also just kind of waiting out for someone to come to me, I don't feel like be rejected right now since i'm not completely crushing on anyone. My door is still open. Come on sweep me off my feet with some kind of date you hear about them kids doing in the 50s. Movie. Dinner. Putt Putt. (Shut it! You'll be jealous. Of me and my putt putt hot stuff talking about batman guy.)

Ok i am just kind of bored. There was a kind of cute guy on the bus. He was super cute but he didn't talk to me. I think he was thinking about me, just not me! Yup cute boy watching my boobs.

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