Friday, September 11, 2009

Who the fuck does that?

There is a stupid bitch i am friends with on facebook and every fucking time i happen to run across her page she has a different fucking birthday. Just the day most of the time but one time its month was changed too.
What a Moron! You're birthday isn't a mood ring. It doesn't change. Who the fuck does that?
Maybe i am just a super bitch, but serious what a fucking moron. Not saying i like everything else about her but this is just one of those things that i can't understand. Are you really that fucking confused, if so drop out of college. You can't tell me this is a mistake every time. EVERY TIME, REALLY?

My birthday is July 3rd. No 2nd. 15th sounds cool. How about March, yeah March. No i'm going back the the 2nd of July instead. The 4th. Ok that's it, the 5th.
IT'S THE FUCKING 3RD. You have no choice if you didn't want that day you should of worked harder to get outta there, or you should of fucking held on till the day you were looking for. She was probably a cesarean section.

Whatever it's just proof of someone being a moron.

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