Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Just fuck facebook.

Fuck this whole stupid system. I should be in bed. But i feel like i have failed my mission for today.
I fucked up the only thing i loved about my day to day life. But if i really think about it i don't think this is more of my mistake. Mainly because i'm not boring, unattractive, and not at all interesting.
I am actually a really great girl. I am super cute and funny.
Regine and me are going to all these events in the next weeks to come. I have 40 dollars and i think i am going to spoil myself. I haven't decided what i deserve yet. I should get a treat. Pretty girls deserve gifts. When there is no one else to reward me, i shall reward myself.

I really hope he drops off my blanket and stuff tomorrow.

I am hungry. I shouldn't be up so late. Especially over something that was going to happen no matter what. I might as well enjoy this time i have by myself, i'm sure i will get trap in another world wind romance soon.

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