Saturday, September 26, 2009

Just Thoughts

Thoughts were never meant for words,
Mostly seen and read by all the wrong folks,
But dying is still not on the to do list,
By this I mean I also need beer,
Sober will bring me nowhere,
Exciting or whatever,
Fuck what did I put on the record player again,
Scratching vinyl over leaving lovers,
Wanting to have love,
Really love, love is an abandoned ship,
Kiss your husband goodnight,
Forget about love, true love,
Disney has left the building,
The ship is going over,
I on the iceberg watching star-crossed losers,
No tulips, No apples, No moonlight,
No perfect shades of brown in unforgotten spheres,
No one think of them,
Knowing what I know and nothing more,
Still talking so close the warm breath feels cool,
But only for a second,
Pausing and questioning my stupidity at the thought,
Leaning in for another closely connecting word,
How deep is this cut?
Will it heal this time?

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