Tuesday, October 13, 2009

"I'm a trouble maker, a real muther fucker."

There's going to be a road trip. This weekend. I need to get outta this town/state. Ravel and me both. We are leaving this weekend and going to see the world. He'll take pictures and i'm going to get us into no good. I'm a trouble maker, a real muther fucker. I can't wait. I want to go right now. We might go Saturday and we might go on Friday. I want to go NOOOOOOOW! I am tired of this town already. I want to escape.

I am really glad Ravel and me are friends. Best FRIENDS Forever. I am going to make Marie Antoinette themed B.F.F. bracelets. :P

He painted a big giant watercolor of me. I think it is funny we both did our mixed medias on each other. I wonder if he'll make one about his bike accident too.

So recap. Me and my BFF. ROAD TRIP. Where? WHERE EVER WE WANT. YAY!!

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