Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blogspot States....

Someone is posting about me


Please note that Blogger is a provider of content creation tools, not a mediator of that content. We allow our users to create blogs, but we don't make any claims about the content of these pages. We strongly believe in freedom of expression, even if a blog contains unappealing or distasteful content or presents unpopular viewpoints. We realize this may be frustrating, and we regret any inconvenience this may cause you.

If you believe what a Blogger user is writing about you constitutes defamation, libel, or slander please click here for more information on how Blogger deals with cases of defamation.

Please note that Blogger does not remove blogs for containing insults or negative commentary. While blogs that contain such content can be distasteful, Blogger is not in a position to arbitrate disputes.

And on top of that ->

Defamation Definition

What is Defamation?
  • False and untrue communication published with the specific intent of injuring another person’s reputation
  • Injured person must be identifiable
  • Libel—written form of defamation; Slander—oral form of defamation

We do not remove allegedly defamatory content from or any other U.S. dot com domains.

US domain sites such as, Blogger, Page Creator, etc. are sites regulated only by U.S. law. Given this fact, and pursuant to Section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act, we do not remove allegedly defamatory material from U.S. domains. The only exception to this rule is if the material has been found to be defamatory by a court, as evidenced by a court order.

The language of Section 230(c) of the Communications Decency Act fundamentally states that Internet services like, Blogger and many of Google’s other services are republishers and not the publisher of that content. Therefore, these sites are not held liable for any allegedly defamatory, offensive or harassing content published on the site.

So i never spoke a name of whatever girl if there was even a girl. Whoever this random girl maybe! If she is even real. Maybe this is a part of a creative story for one of my classes. Or ideas for pieces of art. The point being if some other crazy egotistical girl somehow heard about this shit from some retarded asshole friend, then its not my problem and nothing can be done about everyone having a big ass ego and thinking i am talking about them. Maybe i am talking about me!

So I would like if this crazy ego manic stop reading my blogs of creativity and also stopped sending me emails and texts which i actually can take to the police and have something done about this.

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