Thursday, October 22, 2009

Amy Winehouse, of course.

So i have been listening to Amy Winehouse. I really like Back in Black. I feel like i relate even though i really don't. I've never been the other woman, or an alcoholic. I find it funny, since i am on the complete other side of this song. I love everything about Amy Winehouse. I think sometimes God makes jokes only i get.
I really wish i had this record on vinyl, i think it is by far one of my favorite records. I love everything on Back to Black. I think it is perfect. I would wait forever for another perfect record from Amy Winehouse. I would also be ok if she hid out and never made another one. This is a good note to drop off on.
There are only a few records that i can say i love everything on. I mean i think the Eurythmics, Savage is probably the best but i really only love side B truly and fully. I think that side will always understand me, but side A. I can't even tell you what is on it. It's no side B.
I fully and always can listen to only a few records, Amy Winehouse is one that i just love. Is what i am saying.
I don't have a great taste in music, so i don't talk about it to much. I pretty much love people who happen to make music and i like that because it is them. Like Lady Gaga. If i didn't see her at the Miss Universe, i can't say i would of been so addicted so fast.
Proof is after Beyonce's diva i looked her up more because that werid electro shit is what i want. I think i generally just like female artists over males. Sometimes i realize i have listened to a male in a while and i try to make myself.
Ok that is my spill on music. I need to quit before someone realizes i actually think Miley Cyrus is cool.

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