Saturday, October 3, 2009

I need some sleep and to stop crying.

So today was nice and fine and i got stuff done and all but i missed my best friend. :(

I missed him a ton. I know he need a worldly break and all, but i super missed him.

I watched grey's anatomy and it make me realize what step i am on in all of this. I don't really like myself for it. But i don't really want to move off it either. So i will just stand still for now.

I need sleep. I wish my mother visited today.
I am jealous he got to be with his people who love him more than anything. I saw my dad and it was good, but my mommy is my mommy. I hope i can go home next weekend and just lay around my house and eat good food.

I am probably going to move back home next year. To finish off my last semester and find a job. I can't imagine still living in denton. Even though it would be cool.
I need sleep. good night.

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