Sunday, October 18, 2009

I'm pretty gangsta myself.

So we went to Oklahoma it was ok. It was Oklahoma. I mean it wasn't no Texas or anything.

So we left and when to the outlet mall at Gainesville, TX. I bought two gangsta shirts. So cute. I almost bought a shirt with a math book and calculator, it said "I got a problem!" "YO, i'll solve it." But it was more math than Vanilla Ice. Also there was a Lady Gaga shirt. I KNOW! I didn't buy it because my gaint hot tits got in the way and you couldn't read it right. I hate that. One time, i tried on a yoshi shirt and he looked like a floating head. Price of being hot though, huh.

So after that i got vanilla peanut butter fudge which was awesome. So we ate sucky sonic food. They were serving old fryer stuff. That's gross.

Then Oklahoma. We went to the Winstar right on the other side of the Red River. I doubled my money and Ravel won his back at backjack. Then we ate at Fera's in Gainesville. It was really nice.

We came home and hung out with my roomies. This weekend was really nice. I didn't do shit which will kill me this weekend. BUT i am feeling better not so stressed. I need to go to sleep soon lots to do tomorrow morning. I didn't do my felting either. Shit. I hope that isn't due tomorrow.

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