Sunday, January 31, 2010

Dean's Honor Roll and Ravey Stuff

So i am on the Dean's Honor roll, i get an award sometime this week. I can't wait. My mother was so excited and proud of me. Ravel was too. Ravel made us (me) Guinness Cupcakes with Bailey's Frosting and they were sooo fucking good. Everyone should try to make them. Ravel should start a baking company.
We had a fight, which always sucks, but we needed to this year. I would think it weird if we didn't fight once in January.
But he can't let me go and i don't think i am going to be going at this point. He better treat me to a fancy valentine's day. He has work at night so we are going to have a valentine's day DAY. I am excited. I will miss the Cheaters Marathon now. Which is super sad! I really love that show. I like making Ravel watch it with me. We laugh and make fun of people.
I have one more hour to wait for him. I am going to make him rub my back, yay!

I am happy, which is what really matters with stuff in life. Ravel is great, and maybe back to stay. He is still saving shit tons of money for vegas and i put away forty. My mother is still on my ass about not getting married in Vegas. I can't remember if i typed about that. My mother said she would be super pissed if Ravel and me got married, but only because she couldn't be there. I did however look to see how much stuff like that was in Vegas. Hahahaha. I was just wondering. I think it would be funny to elope and never tell anyone. Ravel and me talk about how we could get our vows renewed and no one would realize if was not our first wedding.

We need to have dinner with my sister and her husband sometime soon too. Speaking of people who are really married.

I want Ravel to get here so we can finally go to sleep.