Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Tulips and the New Year

I changed my hair. It's so hot. Everyone seems to love it. Everyone that matters at least.
I was planning on starting fresh this year in a different way, throwing out all the trash and starting all new and clean. However i kept all the stuff i was going to throw out. However this world has given me something new in an old way.
I woke up to a ton of beautiful tulips and homemade crepes yesterday. Fresh blueberries and blackberries. Raspberry lemonade. Everything was nice about yesterday. I haven't left the house for the past week or two i think. Ever since i got back to Denton, i've been hiding out. I guess i did get out once or twice, I am made to leave. No one is ever in the apartment. One isn't back and the other two are aways busy. I did all the dishes in my favorite undies and leg warmers yesterday. I turn my music up loud at 3 in the morning and dance around.
I really want the new Vampire Weekend album. My new Lady Gaga on vinyl (which is FUCK AWESOME btw) fame monster should be here today or tomorrow. Best Christmas ever, btw. I got the vintage Joy of Sex and Lady Gaga on vinyl. I dont think i could be more happy. I used some of my gift cards yesterday and got Starbucks and a pastry ring. It had cheese, apple, and cherries. I didn't really like the cherry one so i let Ravel have the rest of my piece.
So i had all kinds of fruit sweets yesterday. Oh and when i when home i found out i've lost 20 pounds. I kind of think that is crazy. I didn't work out once last year. I noticed all my pants where to big and i was buying smaller ones at thanksgiving, but i thought brands had change there size or whatever, plus in super skinny jeans i'm pretty much the same size, else my j low ass hangs out. Hahahaha.
I want to go visit my sister. I dont know if she will bring her husband, I think i will make Ravel go and just leave him at half price books to look at records if she doesn't.
I love this year already. All the tulips opened and bloomed this morning. Tulips are by far my favortive flowers. It's nice always having flowers in the house. I just threw out the tulips i got for christmas a day or two ago. They are a redish pink. They make the whole room smell good.
I better go, i need to shower and finish zelda finally - before the boy gets back and has more flowers.

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