Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Teen Love Quiz Book

I am waiting on Regine and i thought i would type in. We are going out. Not really for fun but whatever. Then i am meeting up with Ravel tonight. He woke up and made me homemade crepes for breakfast.

I when to The Rachofsky House today, in which you have to be invited to go. It's a private home, and not really a museum. I love it. It was so amazing and wonderful. I loved the house everything was in way more than the art, but i'm not really a contemporary art fan. There was one by Paul McCarthy, which was amazing.

I skipped paper bag class and also science to go, but it's not like i may ever be invited again. So it's worth it.

I am done with all my homework, except paper bags- which is due Thursday. Lame.

I am leaving.

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