Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dance in the Dark

I love this song, but it is hard to read records as they go around. My record is a double sided picture disk. By the WAY! I had an ok first day. My ceramics pieces looked like dirty old paper bags, which really only means i was meant for fibers. Ravel says i am a Fibers Goddess. So i really don't care if everything looks like a dirty paper bag in ceramics. Also my teacher is really into making rocks, so shit maybe she will fucking love my dirty paper bag look.
I have friends i really like in my science lecture so that is awesome, beside the fact my dad has been talking about everything in my class since i was born. He does have his degrees in it. I did learn some new things about poison though.
Ravel, Melissa, and me have been having tons of fun this last weekend. Camille came over yesterday and i talked to Kevin. I miss Kevin. I want him to come back to school here and just hang out. He is moving here this summer, which is the BEST FUCKING NEWS EVER!!!! I can't wait. I need to make my mom buy tickets for our super AWESOME Spring Break! I can't wait to leave this place.
Ravel says he is going to take me to Las Vegas this summer (to marry me). I told him i would only go if i could see lots of dirty man shows. Hahaha. I don't think he will save up that much money by then but some kind of vacation would be awesome.
The B Side to the Fame Monster sounds so 80's and perfect.
So we are already going on a field trip, i am excited. This year sounds good. I hope i can do everything perfect like last semester. Stupid dirty paper bags. haha. I should get supplies and whatever. Plus my favorite class is tonight.

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