Monday, May 18, 2009

Rugs over Robots

So i survived my parents house once again, but i wasn't so afraid this of not coming back alive. I am being forced into an idea of becoming an adult, not so much a young young baby barely adult. So I think it is better in that sense. Plus i haven't done anything to show i won't make it, beside my whole incapability to realize when i am being ripped off. Such as New Media Arts. Fuck Robots! I would like to make rugs over robots any day.

But yesterday we when to the creepy ass Natural History Museum and Science Place Museum. We also when to Steak and Shakes, Ravel need some steak after a week with a family of vegetarians. I can't blame him. So i got super yummy banana shake, and it was so worth going!! Then Kevin and Camille came over and we swam. It was too cold to stay in to long. I need to buy sun screen.

Oh yesterday's yesterday was my Grandma Green's Birthday! I love her! She is the best grandma a kid could have and she is a super awesome Artist! I wanna be like her in so many ways.

I need to get dressed, well put on make-up, brush my hair and eat to be honest. I have my first day of school today. Experimental Screen Printing. It's going to be super duper awesomeness!!!!

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