Sunday, May 3, 2009

Lilace Ann Rosenburg

I woke up at three today and knew today would be a day like any other. I was completely right. So after watercoloring my disaster of a watercolor project last night. I thought about starting embroider my silk painting last night, but with a quick glance at them decided it was better to go to bed.

So back to today, i still haven't touched those dam things. I have half my mind made up on cutting them, markering up the bad parts and staple gunning it on to the fucking boards. Which reminds me i have to buy staples. Fuck.

I am going to go marker them up and ooh wait...
I did fix my watercolor disaster sore of. By that i mean Luriel and Kathryn and me decided to kool aid over it and it made it look cool and smelly a little funny. i need to go do the purple ones too.

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