Sunday, May 24, 2009

I am just a girl.

Vegetarian Burgers and a couple of broccoli quiches later and i think i feel better. I still wish i could of had my girls' weekend. Gone out with Luriel, Regine, and Julia shopped buy beautiful clothes from circa 77. I am sad.
I talked to Dan last night. Dan is a great friend. I should make him brownies! I just like making desserts.
So Brandon, Regine, and Dan oh and me are going to watch some movie Regine wants to watch and i think i should make something great to eat. Hopefully Sebs will come too. I mean he lives with Dan anyways. I think that was a good choice for both of them.

I wanna graduate now. As in tomorrow.

I should play fable. That sound super fun!! Killing Rampages!! BEGIN!

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