Saturday, May 8, 2010


It's almost summer and boy do Ravel and i have plans for it. We are going camping soon to start and we are hitting up all the bars, going to go to clubs in dallas, museums, of and of course Lady Fucking GAGA! Oh yeah in those 15 minutes the tickets were on sale, I fucking got tickets. 2 amazing seats for me and my Alejandro. Who i am begging to wear a bubble suit but it's not looking like its going to happen. I think it's worth a free ticket to the Most Amazing Lady Gaga. I was watching videos on the tubes of the monster ball and i am now dieing to be there already.

Oh and after that i have a little trip to Vegas, by car, so we are going to hit up Roswell and that big dumb hole the Grand Canyon, the boy wants to go. We have enough for the Luxor's spa room for a couple of nights, and that's before the summer. I can't wait.

Ravel turned in his amazing photo portfolio and we get answers on tuesday. We are living together next year. I am graduating in Spring 2011. I think so far i am the only fibers kiddo doing so that semester, which means i will have a solo senior show which would be amazing.
I only have one more class to sign up for ever.

My Sister had the cutest baby boy ever! I love them both so much.

Everything is great and happy and peaceful and now that school is over way less stressful.

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